Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent choice to provide economic cooling in your home or office.

The average ceiling fan costs less than 3 cents per hour to run (refer to specific model specification) and can make the temperature of a room feel 2 to 8 degrees cooler.

  • There are lots of different fans on the market. To help you decide, below are some points to consider when looking at buying a ceiling fan.
  • One or two fans?
  • Our electricians can guide you to make a good decision about how many fans you need based on the type of room you are cooling and the size of the room.
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Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. The Queensland Government advises that the risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher in homes that have not been fitted with smoke alarms.

By law, all homes and units in Queensland must be fitted with smoke alarms.

  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services’(QFES) recommend the use of photo-electric smoke alarms as they provide the best protection across a range of fires (rather than the ionisation types).
  • QFES further recommends that when choosing a smoke alarm you ensure it:
  • complies with the Australian Standard AS 3786-1993
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Safety Switches

Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting your home from electric shock. They turn off the power in a fraction of a second if a leakage of current is detected. This can happen if there is a faulty power point or electrical appliance, or you accidentally hit a live cable while drilling into a wall.

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