Interior lighting is a key part of interior design and can make a house truly feel like a home. The qualified master electricians at Levitt Electrical can work closely with you to create your ideal home lighting solution.

Whether it is recessed lighting, art lighting, pendant lighting or simply hanging a chandelier for one of our customers, at Levitt Electrical we have the experience to take care of all of our customer’s professional lighting wants and needs.

Bathroom lighting solutions

A pendant light in the bathroom is an increasingly popular choice. A pendant light beside the vanity mirror or in the corner provides a classy feature.
The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Bathroom lighting should be flexible enough to accommodate shaving, apply makeup and keep you warm in those cooler months!

Wall lighting above a mirror shines a light on your face making it easier to shave and apply makeup. Add to this flattering downlights, flush mounts or a combined bathroom light/heater and fan.


A chandelier is a real statement piece, and chandeliers are now being found in modern and traditional home settings.

The bigger the better is usually the case with chandeliers with the taller the ceiling, the larger the chandelier. For ceilings nine feet or higher, you may wish to consider a multi-tiered chandelier to cascade down.

While a chandelier provides a key focal point, it is usually not the only source of light in a room. Accent lights either side of the chandelier or over key furniture pieces help provide adequate room lighting.

Levitt Electrical has installed numerous chandeliers in some stunning Brisbane homes. Contact us today to find out more.

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