Levitt Electrical can provide solutions to your all of your home communication cabling requirements (including phone and data cabling). We offer complete home cabling solutions by a licensed cabler.

We can relocate and install:
• Digital TV Outlets
• Extra Telephone and Data Points/Outlets
• Intercom Systems.

Extra phone points

One of our qualified team can relocate and/or install a new phone line/phone socket/phone jack in your home.
If your phone sockets / points are in the wrong place, or you need an extra socket installed in a different room, Levitt Electrical can help.

Extra data points

Do you need a new data point for your new digital TV or would you like a data point to be able to use more than one computer?

Until recently, most families either didn’t need or couldn’t afford more than one computer. However now computers are increasingly being used for school, shopping, downloading music, pod casts, playing games and video streaming, which means one computer (and one data point) is no longer enough.

A small home network allows broadband to be available to everyone in your home at the same time.

If you’re thinking of networking the computers in your home using cable, or have any other additional data point requirements, contact the team at Levitt Electrical to discuss your requirements.

Intercom Systems

A video intercom system can be a great option for home security, particularly as Intercom systems are highly visible and as such, can be considered a good deterrent.

With a properly installed video intercom system, you can easily and safely identify visitors from inside your house without any need to open the door.

You can communicate with any visitor using both video and audio, and grant access through electronic door locks all from within your own home.

At Levitt Electrical we know all systems are not created equal, and not everyone needs all the features available, so we can discuss a range of intercom products with you and find one that will meet your needs.