switchboard-updateWith over 15 years in electrical contracting, Levitt Electrical can advise you if you need a switchboard upgrade. If you are renovating or installing new appliances a switchboard upgrade may be required to prevent overloading.

More reasons you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade:

  • Older style switchboards with ceramic rewire-able fuses were designed to cater for only a small number of household appliances like a fridge, washing machine and stove. These days most people want to use many more appliances in their home every day, like dishwashers, air conditioning, pool equipment. This means that the old switchboards can be potential fire hazards due to overloading.
  • Older style switchboards that are becoming overloaded can cause frequent power outs and tripping.
  • Renovations including extensions, new kitchens or entertainment rooms could exceed the current capabilities of your switchboard with more appliances and more advanced technologies.
  • Also often older electrical switchboards are not fitted with electrical safety switches which means risk of electrocution.

The team of qualified electricians at Levitt Electrical can undertake any of the following switchboard works:

  • Repair faulty electrical switchboards
  • Install new switchboard
  • Upgrade existing switchboard and relevant wiring

Call Levitt Electrical on 3399 4499 or complete our Enquiry Form to book a switchboard upgrade or an electrical switchboard wiring check.