emergency-400x259Levitt Electrical can supply, install and test your emergency lights.

We recommend you have emergency lighting tested regularly in order to ensure you have safe evacuation and emergency lighting in place at all times. This type of lighting provides vital illumination of stairways and halls in times of critical importance. Therefore it is essential your emergency lighting is always operating correctly.

A qualified electrician from Levitt Electrical can install, test and repair your emergency lighting to ensure it is functioning as it should be.

What is Emergency Lighting?
Emergency lighting has to provide defined levels of light to enable the safe exit from a building when the mains power has failed.

Emergency lighting is backed up by a battery that is designed to come on automatically when there is a power failure or outage. Emergency lights are standard in all new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings and most building codes now require that they are installed in older buildings.

Emergency Light Testing

Qualified electricians from Levitt Electrical can install and provide emergency lighting testing to meet the required Australian standards. The testing process includes:


  • Visual checks of all emergency and exit lights for mains operation.
  • Check for operation of all exit lights and replace faulty lamps as required.
  • Where there is a manual test facility, operate the test switch or circuit breaker to simulate a power failure.
  • Check the emergency lighting system continues to work for at least 90 minutes.
  • Restore the emergency and exit lights to normal operation.
  • Report any lighting failures and record the information as required.