Air Conditioning Installation Can Help You Beat The Heat This Summer!

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November 18, 2019
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Air Conditioning Installation Can Help You Beat The Heat This Summer!

If you’re thinking of adding an air-conditioner to your home or business, now is the time to do it!

Many people delay air conditioning installation until summer is well underway, when it’s far too late. Not only will they have suffered through weeks of heat, but now there’s a huge queue of other homeowners that they have to join.

Installing or upgrading your air-conditioner now means:

  1. Minimal waiting time

Unfortunately, by the time it does start getting warmer, your air conditioning team already has a lot of work on its hands! Summer is always our busiest season.

Good news for us – however, it’s not quite as good if you need an existing air-conditioner installed or a new air-conditioner! Many homeowners are just like you, putting off air conditioning installation and upgrades until the last moment. As a result, you may find that you are waiting for your new air-con. Get ahead of the queue by getting your air conditioning sorted today.

  1. Beat the heat

Brisbane’s spring weather can see some high temperatures.

Avoid unnecessary discomfort by booking your air conditioning installation early, before the weather has a chance to really heat up.

  1. Cleaner air for the whole family

Anyone who suffers from hayfever knows that spring can be rough. Runny noses, sneezing  fits, watery, itchy eyes…

One of the benefits of air conditioning is its ability to filter and clean air.

In addition to filtering out dust and other airborne pollutants, air conditioning can also remove allergens like pollen from your house, offering a welcome reprieve for those with hayfever or other respiratory conditions.

Whether you’re replacing your old split system with a new one or adding a new air-conditioner the team at Levitt Electrical can help, call us today on 3399 4499 for an obligation free quote.

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