Some Facts about Ceiling Fans

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Did you know that Levitt Electrical has installed literally thousands of ceiling fans?

Considering the current high electricity prices, many Brisbane families are choosing ceiling fans to keep their family cool this summer.

We can give you great advice on the right fan/s for your home or office.

Below is a short list of valuable ceiling fan facts to help you on your ceiling fan journey.

  1. Ceiling fans are a very energy efficient way to cool your home costing less than 3 cents per hour to run (this is the equivalent of a 60w light bulb!)
  2. Even if you live in a two story home or you live in an apartment/unit you may still be able to have ceiling fans installed, especially if you have an existing suitable light fitting in the room! Contact us today and we can talk through the options or visit your property and provide a written quote.
  3. Most new ceiling fans come with a two year in home warranty. This means if there is a fault with your fan then the service agent will come to your home to fix the fault.
  4. While all ceiling fans are energy efficient some are slightly more energy efficient than others. Check whether the fan has a DC motor and see if the light on the fan is a LED.
  5. Ceiling fans can be quiet! Ceiling fan technology has developed and fans with timber blades are generally super quiet meaning a peaceful night sleep or a relaxing read!
  6. Using a ceiling fan with your air conditioner will actually save you money. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard with the ceiling fan on and this can reduce the running costs of your AC by up to 40%.

For more information on ceiling fans including installation or replacement, contact Levitt Electrical today on 3399 4499 or complete our online enquiry form.

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